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Dreams for the Despised

I dream,
You’re crawling through tacks on your knees
one-thousand miles for each time
that I’ve thought that you’re a disease
and I’ve longed to be the cure.

I watch acid eat your skin
toe up to neck and then eye
while you confess all of your sins
I confess I wish for more time.

I wish you to know how I feel.
I wish that my wishes were real,
as real as my hate and disdain.
’cause I wish you,
I wish you
I wish you

I dream
that each time you fall asleep
brings sweat and pure agony
that waking only makes you weep
alone in a cage where you die.

You’re watching me sharpen my knife
wondering just where I’ll start.
You’re begging for your wretched life;
I’m begging you won’t get to faint.

I wish you had never been born.
I wish that the weight of my scorn
could crush you again and again,
’cause I wish you,
I wish you
I wish you

I dream
You’ll spend forever with me
enslaved to the whims of my mind.
You scream hoping I’ll set you free;
but I scream for those who can not.

You hurt those whom you should spare.
I don’t believe in even;
for even is so far from fair.
Fair’s when your pain’s not my pleasure.

I wish you a lifetime of fear,
of hearing my hate in your ear.
I’ll make you a forgotten stain
And I wish you,
I wish you
I wish you

© Howard Slacum
March 19th, 2010


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Dreams for Friends

Sometimes it seems you’re crumbling
under the weight of the world.
There’s one more crack in your armor
and there’s one more hole in your wall.

And it just keeps on raining
hail upon your head.
It just keeps on piling up on you
til you come crashing down.

But I would take it from you,
bear it all
and carry it all away.

I dream all your dreams come true;
I see you smile
and I’m so happy for you.

Some toss trash from the window
and it always lands on you.
Piece by piece doesn’t seem so much
until piece by piece your buried.

You’re bearing wilted flowers,
scents of what you’ve lost.
Their pretty vases are now just shards
cutting wounds in your soul.

I would lift the trash from you,
bury it deep
then grow a field of flowers.

I dream you dance in roses,
scents are delights
and I’m so happy for you.

I know more bad days will come,
days to test the strongest heart.
More hail and trash and wilted dreams;
it’s all too much for one to bear.

But you won’t bear it alone;
that’s what I’m here for.
So rain hell on me ’cause I can see
a friend who needs a friend.

I would lift the pain from you,
replace tears
with peace and joy and laughter.

I dream you waken to dreams;
you love your life
and I’m so happy for you.

© Howard Slacum
March 19th, 2010

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